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With time, the body became one of the motifs of my work. Through painting, I try to give the body a timeless dimension, to deprive it of mortality. Show as exceptional not only in a sexual sense,

but as a separate entity that connects the soul and thoughts with the outside world. I present a fragment, the most important fragment at a given moment, thus creating a diary of the body.


From the diary


companion of thought, faithful servant, the best

For better or worse, he sometimes screams painfully, but is today and tomorrow until he dies

still with me


It's me like an evil angel

I break them down into fragments,

which I scatter in bedding at night


Deprived of the choice of its owner

with lifetime soul assignment,

which he has to wear sometimes on his shoulder,

trembles and tempts from dawn to dusk

Endlessly given,

suffering, caressed,

wounded, healed


It is a diary written from birth.

It is a pity that after death you cannot give it to someone,

to read a little to the pillow.

… So I will dress them with painting.

The only chance for time to pass ...

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